Mike Bourscheid, Performance "Thank you so much for the flowers", Luxembourg Pavilion, La Biennale die Venezia 2017, Photo Luke Andrew Walker

What we offer: 

Wide-ranging communications consultation and innovative PR concepts

Consulting and strategy

We develop customised, powerful and unique concepts

  • Comprehensive communications consultation
  • Strategy development
  • Networking
  • PR activity design

Media and Public Relations

We align your content with targeted media and influencers

  • Custom strategic media alignment and editorial visits
  • Press events and tours
  • Press texts and portfolios
  • Newsletters and mailing list management
  • Documentation and evaluation
  • Media partnerships and cooperation with publishers
  • Side events and invitation management

Media planning

We bring tailored media concepts to life under optimal conditions

  • Advertising planning for print and online, billposting, flyers
  • Coordination of graphic providers
  • Support for advertorials and special publications
  • Budget negotiation with publishing houses
  • Management of media budget and budget control

Social media

We devise project-specific content and personalised influencer marketing

  • Visual and content-oriented social media strategy
  • Content production, posting and management
  • Social media events
  • Influencer marketing


We work with an international network of partners in the following areas:

  • Graphic design
  • Text 
  • Event logistics 
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Advertising and marketing