Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen | Relationship status: unclear. Art and literature at Lake Constance

December 17 - April 24, 2022

From the 19th century to the present, the reciprocal network of relationships between art and literature on Lake Constance is being examined for the first time across countries and genres. The exhibition shows how numerous artists and writers realized joint projects and supported each other. These new synergies are inserted into the exhibition in the context of the inspiring networks. The Zeppelin Museum is presenting around 200 exhibits and, in addition to works by Otto Dix and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, is also showing little-known exhibits by artists who are mainly known for their literary work, such as the silhouettes by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff or the Lake Constance watercolours by Hermann Hesse.

Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung | Berlin | Fred Koch. Nature Photography of the 1920s/30s

January 15 - April 24, 2022

For the first time, the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation is presenting a true photographic rediscovery: Fred Koch (1904-1947) has to be considered one of the most important photographers of the Weimar Republic. With his early death in captivity in 1947, however, he increasingly fell into oblivion. The Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation has been pioneering the actual art-historical significance of Fred Koch for New Objectivity photography since 2004 and is now presenting the elaborate research and attributions in a first-ever solo exhibition. His neo-objective black-and-white photographs primarily show detailed shots of plants and crystals, but also ice flowers, corals, conchylia, insects and X-ray photographs.

Centre for International Light Art | Unna | Fascination Light

October 29 - April 24, 2022

On the occasion of the anniversary, director John Jaspers invites visitors to a particularly spectacular exhibition that not only introduces them to the "Fascination Light" in purely visual terms, but also touches all the senses. On display will be the work Chaos Incarnate by the artist Adela Andea (US), who is known for her unusual, technoid light sculptures, as well as Spectrum (Frame Version) by Olivier Ratsi (FR), which confronts the visitor with a series of 20 LED frames that seem to float in space one behind the other with mathematical precision. The third highlight of the exhibition is the audio-visual collaborative work Plane Scape by the four artists' Wolf Bittner (DE), Lyndsey Housden (UK), Yoko Seyama (JP) and Jeroen Uyttendaele (BE).


Highlights in November: Luxembourg Art Week, Mudam, Casino, Konschthal Esch

Around the seventh edition of the Luxembourg Art Week from 12 to 14 November 2021, the Luxembourg art scene presents itself stronger than ever. The Mudam - Musée d'Art Moderne Grand Duc Jean, the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain and the newly opened Konschthal Esch will be taking the stage with programme highlights that deal intensively with the special features of the Luxembourg art scene. Home, identity and otherness are key concepts in a country where, due to its geographical location and history, cross-border migration has always played a major role and is part of everyday life.

Konschthal Esch | Opening with Gregor Schneider's "Ego-Tunnel"

Gregor Schneider "Ego-Tunnel" | 2 October '21 – 9 January '22

With Ego Tunnel by Gregor Schneider, the new "Contemporary Art Space" Konschthal Esch in Luxembourg opened on 2nd October 2021. Schneider is transforming the gutted spaces of the former partially renovated furniture store into an elaborately designed parcourse: a succession of 20 rooms, in which visitors can explore key works from Schneider's complete artistic oeuvre. There are around 100 works to be discovered, including films, photographs and sculptures by the German artist known for his radical and immersive "spaces". The opening exhibition Ego-Tunnel is a programmatic statement that transforms the Konschthal Esch into a place of permanent transformation.

On view until 9 January 2022.

Kraftwerk by Heindrich Heidersberger – An Iconic Image Turns Fifty

September - November, 2021

Heinrich Heidersberger‘s iconic 1971 photograph Kraftwerk der Volkswagen AG is turning fifty. This anniversary presents an opportunity to (re)discover the photographic work of one of the most fascinating German photographers, who developed his own photographic language defined by an elegant, high-contrast style. Heidersberger made a name for himself with his architectural photography, worked for Stern and other magazines, and incorporated surrealistic influences into his images throughout his career. Notably, there is also an enigmatic humour to the carefully composed and expressive black-and-white photographs.

A series of events held at partner institutions from September to November 2021 will consider the photograph from a variety of perspectives.

Academy of Arts | Berlin | NOTHINGTOSEENESS - Void/White/Silence

September 15 - December 12, 2021

The exhibition "NOTHINGTOSEENESS" focuses on the broad spectrum of meanings of the color white, emptiness and silence in the visual arts and the associated difference between materiality and immateriality. On display are numerous works by international artists who have embodied a critical and process-based artistic stance since the 1950/60s and continuously up to the present. The starting point is the "question of seeing (...), of visual non-slip" (John Cage, 1961). In addition to color, material, emptiness and silence, references to silence, to narration in literature, performance, music and architecture are made in the exhibition as well as in the accompanying program.

NEW NOW – Festival for Digital Arts

Exhibition until 3rd October 2021

NEW NOW transforms the spectacular architectural monument of the Zollverein into a vibrant venue for Digital Arts. Visitors will experience expansive installations, virtual landscapes and performative sculptures. The highlight of the exhibition opening on 17 September was the world premiere of the light installation “AnotherMoon” by the Korean-British duo Kimchi and Chips, which draws a second, virtual moon into the sky powered by solar energy.

Audiences worldwide can participate virtually on the digital festival platform "ZECHE". The media artist Christian Mio Loclair has created an unique interactive "Art-in-Art" experience in which the international digital artworks can be experienced - accessible from anywhere.

HEK (House of Electronic Arts) | Basel | RADICAL GAMING: Immersion Simulation Subversion

September 2 – November 14, 2021

The international group exhibition Radical Gaming presents a selection of artists who investigate the structures, technologies and aesthetics of a global gaming industry. Their works are characterised by a particularly unconventional approach to employing the immersion and interaction inherent to video games, whose common narratives and stereotypes they subversively undermine. This new generation of artists use contemporary game programming technologies to create virtual and augmented reality experiences, immersive environments, interactive stories and multimedia installations.

Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung | Berlin | Knut Wolfgang Maron - Picturing landscape. SX-70 Polaroids 1978-2021

September 18 - December 23, 2021

The solo exhibition "The Pure Thesis. Polaroids 1979-2021" at the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation shows over 100 works by Knut Wolfgang Maron. The Polaroids are dedicated to landscape photography, whereby Maron's view of nature is influenced by ecological issues. Through his range of colors, visitors are transported into another world - nature appears as if illuminated from within. The warm tones and calm compositions are the artist's trademark. Maron was a rebel of the gaze - he decided in 1979 to use Polaroid photography, which requires a subjective interpretation of the viewer.

Bergen Kunsthall | The Ocean

August 28 - October 31, 2021

For centuries, the city of Bergen has been defined by its relationship to the sea. Crucial to the city's development, the exhibition and research project "The Ocean" uses this multifaceted relationship as the starting point for an international exhibition with 25 artists and an extensive research programme. The artistic works, projects and performances are presented both in the main exhibition at Kunsthall and in the surrounding mountains, harbour, museums and the city itself.

HEART Museum Herning | 8th Socle du Monde Biennale

June 12 – October 31, 2021 | Denmark

Planned originally for last year, the 8th edition of the Socle du Monde Biennale 2021 “Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends” finally opened this summer. The show’s title originally did not refer to a post-pandemic opening of art exhibitions but has since gained another significance. The central focus of this year´s edition is the integration and embedment of the City space. As a result, the three museums, a former high school, a church, parks, public and private buildings are transformed into showplaces for sight specific exhibitions.

New museum revitalizes Hans Christian Andersen - designed by stararchitect Kengo Kuma | Odense

From 30 June 2021 on, Odense/Denmark

In the summer of 2021, the new Hans Christian Andersen Museum opened in Odense. A brand-new museum, which will rethink how the story of Andersen’s life and work is told. The museum will provide a unique artistic experience, which combines landscape, architecture and modern exhibition design. The new museum is designed by Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma and his team, who are also behind the new Olympic stadium in Tokyo.

Mallorca | Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

Alcúdia, Mallorca

In the north of Mallorca near Alcúdia, nestled in a nature reserve directly on the sea, lies the Museo Sa Bassa Blanca. Recognised as a cultural heritage site of the Balearic Islands in 2016, the property is the home of the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation, founded in 1993, and the life's work of the artist and collector couple. It holds impressive surprises and discoveries in store for visitors. As a synthesis of the arts, it combines art, architecture and nature from different epochs and regions of the world.

Manuela Alexejew | It’s Not About The Money

A Steidl Verlag publication, September 2021

The Berlin art collector MANUELA ALEXEJEW talks abouther eventful life and offers a rare insight into the inner sanctuary of the international art world. Following countless one-on-one interviews, tv journalist and writer Thomas Kausch has captured the stories that connect Manuela with her acquisitions. The result is unexpected and refreshing: the biography of a collector as seen through the prism of her collection. Manuela’s fascinating story provides a rare and personal insight into the esoteric world of international art collectors.

Jörg Johnen | Warhol und das schreckliche Kind

A publication by Jörg Johnen by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König | July 2021

In his autobiographical work, gallery owner Jörg Johnen tells his life story, which is closely interwoven with Andy Warhol - with his work, his artistic attitude and his way of life, beyond norms and social expectations. Johnen describes how his life would have been very bleak without art and without Warhol. The author never met the artist in person.

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen | Beyond States – Über die Grenzen von Staatlichkeit

February 5 – November 7, 2021

The exhibition is dedicated to the socio-political significance of state borders and uses the three constituent features – national territory, citizenship and state power – to investigate the current and future significance of the state.

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen | debatorial® for the exhibition "Beyond States"

The digital prologue to the exhibition

The themes of the exhibition "BEYOND STATES. THE BOUNDARIES OF STATEHOOD" are more relevant than ever. Starting on September 24, the Zeppelin Museum invites visitors to actively participate in the debatorial® on its online platform.